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"Memories Are Our Business"

Welcome To The Our Gerritsen Beach Web Site
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Welcome Back To Our Gerritsen Beach - I am attempting to make this site more receptive to users and add features that make the site more enjoyable still meet our original mission "Memories Are Our Business". Please don't hesitate to contact me with any recommendation or idea. I am adding the "Photo Names" based on a suggestion from Barbara DiPrima. I hope you enjoy.
Our first recommendation is to identify people in photographs that are displayed on this site. Excellent idea, but I have no idea who many of these folks are. With that having been said I am going to change the photos as we identify the names of people in each photo. I will number each photo. If you know who the person(s) re in the photo send their names in. I will create a list from there.

Video Update 4/17/2019

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