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Volume 13 10/28/2014
"Memories Are Our Business"
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The Gerritsen Beach conversations, pictures and stories on this web site are designed for your entertainment and the rekindling of your fond memories. We have carved a mantra for www.OurGerritsenBeach.com that we believe is most fitting: "Memories Are Our Business"

---Interested in the Restoration of The Veterans Memorial on Gerritsen Avenue? Send us a message if you support the effort! ---

Gerritsen Beach Veterans Memorial (1960s)
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A recent conversation was raised on the OurGerritsenBeach FaceBook Page concerning the GB Veterans Memorial that was located on the then empty lot next to the American Legion Post on Gerritsen Avenue. Concern was expressed that the removal of this memorial was disrespectful to the Veterans whose names were placed there in honor of their service to The United States of America.
As the story ensued on FaceBook, it was noted the memorial was removed because of it falling into disrepair. This too might be construed as disrespectful, but the purpose of the FaceBook comments and this article is not to castigate how the memorial met its' demise. The intent is to bring it back. In less then three hours there were numerous volunteers both physical and fiscal. They are wanting it restored. If you are interested in the restoration of this memorial click below and tell us. If you have any information pertaining to the disposition of the old board or the names that were on the board we would be most interested. Please tell us here as well. 
Watch this space for updates!
Gerritsen Beach, as it approaches its centennial, is a community in Brooklyn that has developed a unique character. Unlike any other neighborhood in Brooklyn and the City of New York this character would not be complete without warts and moles. While these blemishes make this neighborhood distinctively different, the positive attributes of the residence past and present have truly made Gerritsen Beach the recognizable community it is today.
Capturing the colorful history of the Gerritsen Beach community has been the primary objective of the website OurGerritsenBeach.com since it was established. As the website developed it became abundantly clear that people wanted to hear Gerritsen Beach stories of the past and photographs’ showing the heritage as it was being developed over the past 100 years.
In an effort to continue collecting this heritage OurGerritsenBeach.com is wishing to sponsor a writing contest. This contest will be open to all ages. We look forward to hearing from school age children, but we also anticipate hearing from those Gerritsen Beach ex-patriots locate around this great country.
Specific rules will be developed and published here on the website. Prizes will be determined as funding is accumulated. Your participation and or donations will be graciously accepted and acknowledged on the website and as the prizes are presented.
Please send any comments or suggestions to james.fetter@verizon.net .Thank you for your contribution to the heritage of Gerritsen Beach. Looking forward to hearing from you.

PS: We will be needing judges if you wish to volunteer.

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