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OurGerritsenBeach Veterans Memorial: Planning meeting to consider rebuilding a replacement memorial.
20 February 2015. See attached article.

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It Is Time To "Walk The Walk"
    Over the previous four years the issue of the Gerritsen Beach Veterans Memorial has come up and was discussed several times. The memorial was built on a vacant lot located next to the American Legion (now Hibernians) on Gerritsen Avenue between Everett and Florence Aves. Time and weather took its' toll on the structure and it fell into disrepair. The structural integrity of the memorial was actually a safety hazard and was taken down. Sadly there are no photographs of this structure and more importantly the names that were on the memorial have vanished also. 
    The sacrifice and commitment of Gerritsen Beach veterans to this nation need not be written here. If you come to this website you know the patriotic commitment made by our predecessors in WW I, WW II, Korea, and VietNam. Readers of this website also know the commitment and sacrifice being made today by our men and women.
    Essentially there is no remaining Veterans Memorial in Gerritsen Beach. For those that have commented on this website now is the time to stand up and honor our Gerritsen Beach Veterans. There will be a meeting at the Hibernian's on February 20th at 7:00 PM. The purpose of this meeting will be to discuss ideas, concepts and plans to resurrect the Gerritsen Beach Veterans Memorial.
    This website will contain the results of the meeting(s) for the many GB residents now living in away from "The Beach", but still remain faithful. Any effort to recreate the memorial will include their suggestions. 
    For all interested persons to ensure future information gets to you simply join our email list by clicking on the tab below.
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See You At Meeting 
7:00 PM Friday
20 February 2015 
Hibernian Lodge
2750 Gerritsen Ave.