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The past year has been a little difficult 
for me to produce this website. I struggled with some visual issues. It was nothing serious just a difficult for me to use the computer. I think I am back for another run at production. I am beginning with the photos and newspaper articles about some great baseball legends of GB. I hope you enjoy them. As always I look forward to your feedback. A special thanks to Ed and RJ Reilly for the pictures and articles.
We wish the GBLL a successful 2016 season.
There are no known events here at OGB Headquarters. Do you know of an upcoming event? Please send in the information and I will gladly publish it here. 

REUNION: Yes another one is being considered. The huge success of the previous reunion at the Tamaqua in 2015 has had people asking when is the next one? Well here is the opportunity to make it happen. Your response will determine the outcome.Keep watching this space to follow the interest.
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Are you interested in another Gerritsen Beach Reunion this summer/fall?Yes! I am definitely interested.
No! I hate reunions.
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