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This OurGerritsenBeach Website has been operational for in excess of seven years. It has been our objective to re-connect Gerritsen Beach “ex-patriots” and current residents of Gerritsen Beach. Our photos and stories appear to have accomplished this vision. We hope you have enjoyed this site and will continue to view it and convey to your friends and neighbors what this website is. We encourage your contribution of any photos or stories that might be sitting in that shoe box in your house - share those pictures! Need help? Drop us a note and we will assist.  
We have never aggressively sought donations and there is has never been a cost to use this site. If you would like to continue to see this site develop and grow, you can simply click on the Donate Button and send a few bucks. Your support would be appreciated and used expressly for the operating cost of this website.
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A special thanks to Joe Ross for sharing his copy of the Gerritsen Globe. As this edition of the Gerritsen Globe approaches 50 years, I hope you will take a few moments to click on the "Guest Book" below and share your comments on the stories and the people identified in the articles. We ask if you have any other photos or documents you share them here. Enjoy!