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We are entering our fourth year of production. Since our inception we determined it was abundantly clear that people want to see old photos and stories about Gerritsen Beach. We have done this without commercial support and it is our intention to continue providing you the memories you enjoy. 
Our only demand on our users is that they enjoy themselves while reading the stories and viewing the pictures.
Did out those old photos and send them in. We will be glad to add them to our library.
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OurGerritsenBeach Writing Contest:
1 April 2015 Submission Deadline:
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OurGerritsenBeach Veterans Memorial: Planning meeting to consider rebuilding a replacement memorial.
16 February 2015

Try the new OGB Blog: I am adding a Blog option to see if it gets used. Continuation will depend on use. 

You can click here and contact us any time. We encourage your comments and suggestions.
for their patience during the down time and a special thanks to all those who have sent compliments on the revised site. 
Please take note of one new feature below: "Upcoming Events".  If you are hosting a GB related event tell us and we will post it here. In that vein I am going to re-emphasize the Gerritsen Beach writing contest.
The entire purpose of the Writing Contest is to get stories about living in "The Beach" and stories about people from GB. I know my kids and grand kids can repeat stories I have told them over the years. 
The contest is free to enter and the rules are simple. Click below for rules and application.
If you are interested in making a small contribution ($5 or $10) to the prize money those directions are also below.

OurGerritsenBeach.com is sponsoring a Writing Contest. Please take a minute and look at the details below. There are cash prizes $$$. All stories will be published here upon completion..

We do not aggressively seek donations and there is no cost to use this site. If you would like to continue to see this site continue and grow simply send a few bucks. We currently need to cash for the Writing Contest. Your support would be appreciated.
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Well Happy New Year to all. This website suffered a technical battle over the past few months but we have succeeded - I think in the redesign and development of this new and improved version. Thanks to all for their patience during the down time and a special thanks to all